Life’s better when you have options. There are over 130 possible combinations of profile, colour and texture for your new, worry-proof Gerard roof. Follow the link to our Gallery for some inspiration! View the extensive home gallery – over 50 real homes with Gerard Roofs:  

For the older generation“decramastic tiles*” means a scallop-shaped metal tile roof coated with stone chip. The issues that were often attributed to the product have, by some, continued to be associated with the new generation of acrylic, stone chip, metal tiles manufactured today. The reality is they are totally different products and processes. The issue […]

For many people, choosing a roof is primarily about style, and in this respect, a modern, lightweight Gerard roof offers a myriad of different options to suit the architecture of all kinds. But equally important is peace of mind. You want to feel confident that your roof will continue to protect your home and its […]