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About Decramastic Roofing

What used to be known as Decramastic Roofs are pressed steel tiles manufactured by MetroTile Roofing.  They are also known as other names like decrabond, pressed metal tiles, stone chip roofs.  When you want a roof with style that wont date MetroTile Roofing Systems extensive range of profiles, colours, finishes and trim options are the cost effective long term solution that can be trusted.  Available in a Textured (stone chip) or Satin (painted) finish, MetroTile has a roof to suit any taste, from a traditional style home to something ultra modern.  MetroTile have been used in New Zealand for over half a century and are specified in over 120 countries, in areas that suffer the most extreme weather on the planet.  Their proven durability has stood the test of time.


Replacing your Decramastic Roof


Decramastic roof tiles are replaced in sections.  New fixings, underlay and if needed, battens are used.  Leaks are no longer a problem. When you want a roof you can feel safe under this roofing product is the way to go.  While a concrete tile roof on an average home can weigh around 10 tonnes, the equivalent MetroTile  Satin finish steel tile roof would weigh just 1 tonne.  Fully weather proof, unlike concrete or clay tiles, they can't crack and let in water.


The Best Solution for Decramastic Roofing.


Cooper Roofing  recommends that you replace decramastic roofing with a MetroTile roof.  When we deal with decramastic roofing solutions, we make sure our clients are aware that this will be the most cost effective solution in the long run.


We can replace your Decramastic Roof with a new MetroTile Roof. This option guarantees a life span of at least 50 years with the MetroTile 50 year pro-rata warranty which includes coastal regions. This is a long term fix and ensures that your home will be watertight and structural for many years to come.  We can also help with a short term fix if a repair is all that is requried at this stage.

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