Roofing is not cheap. Whether you’re installing new roofing, reroofing, or doing repairs, you should expect a relatively costly bill. Affordable roofing Auckland says that regular roof maintenance can help you save money where the roofing is concerned but does it? The short answer is yes. Here’s why:

It Ensures Longevity

The roof’s primary job is to maintain a watertight seal on your home, which prevent the elements from raining into the building. If your roof can’t keep leaks from forming, then technically, it’s failing at its most crucial task. If your roof can’t maintain its waterproofing system, you’ll have leaks springing up everywhere. Before you know it, you’ll have watermarked ceilings in every room. The water damage might be so extensive that you’d need to do a full roof replacement – which doesn’t come cheap and could have been avoided.

It Provides Positive Damage Assessments

If your roof is insured, you can expect your insurance company to arrive twice a year to perform inspections. They want to ensure that you’ve been maintaining your roof. If not, and you try to claim to finance for repairs, you might forfeit your right to do so because you’ve been negligent. Remember, your insurance costs are expensive already, but they’re there for a good reason. When you claim from them because your roof has been damaged from inclement weather, you don’t need to foot the bill for the repairs. However, if you’ve neglected your roof, they won’t pay for it.

It Ensures Functional Roofing Elements

The ventilation and insulation within the interior of your roof don’t only keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter. They also protect your shingles from the inside out. How? When you have poor insulation or ventilation, the heat inside the house rises (because science) and builds up in the attic. The heat then radiates through the roofing structure to the shingles.

When shingles are under immense heat, they can curl, crack and break, leading to water damage and more leaks. In this situation, you’d need to pay for better insulation or ventilation if you don’t maintain your roof at all.

Performing regular roof maintenance does mean affordable roofing in Auckland. If you think that the maintenance is too expensive, or is a waste of money, you’re going to get a shock when your roof needs extensive repairs. Remember to get your roof inspected and repaired regularly now, or you’ll have some major problems later.

When your roof needs to be replaced, generally it is not a job you will be able to do yourself. It is a very specialised task and it needs to be done right, to excellent standards and offer a robust longterm warranty when complete.

There are many Auckland based roofing businesses you could employ to do the task and finding them is not difficult; a quick search engine hunt will show you many pages of options. How to choose the right one is often more difficult. Advise on your roof is vital if you are not an expert in the field and finding an unbiased company to give you the information you need can often proove tricky. There are often a few different materials to choose from and when you have decided on the material you want installed there will be different prices from different companies to explore.

You need to ensure that you are comfortable with the company you finally decide on as they are providing the shelter your family will live under for decades to come. The company should be a member of the Roofing Association of NZ and preferably should have been established for many years. It is advantageous to get quotes from several different companies and compare them. Feel free to ask a lot of questions, the company you select should not have any problems explaining roofing terms, processes, materials and warrantys. Ask several times if you feel you dont understand as a new roof is a large investment, probably one of the biggest cost you will incur when maintaining your home.

Do listen to friends and family who have had good experiences with roofing companies in the past, usually this is a sign of a good track record. Often people who have had a house reroofed will return to the same company when they move house and require reroofing of the new property.

The company you choose should value the safety of their workers and as such will insist upon scaffolding or an Edge Fall protection system that will keep everyone on the roof safe.

Ask the roofing companies if they can recommend other materials, or if they are aware of a better material than is currently on your roof, as things are always changing and it never hurts to have all the information.

Generally you are also able to view before and after photos on a companies website, or a gallery of work they have done. Request a drive-by list if you would like to see some in person.

Consider a quote from Cooper Roofing when you think you need your property reroofed, we are happy to give you an unbiased opinion of whether you need it done now, or if there is a few more years of life left in the roof.

The UN’s recent #WorldWaterDay highlighted the basic human need for drinking water that is clean and pure. Rainwater collected from a Gerard system exceeds the WHO’s standards for clarity and purity.

When should I get someone to check my old Decramastic Roof?

Decramastic roofing tiles, also known as Decrabond or pressed metal tiles, were widely used in New Zealand during the 1970s and 1980s. Made of galvanised steel with a bitumen overlay, the tiles were known for being lightweight and easily installed. This very feature, however, makes the older tiles vulnerable to deteriorate over time, so maintenance and replacement are often necessary. If your home has an older decramastic tile roof from the 1970s and 1980s, repair or replacement may be a consideration. Here is a look at what causes such deterioration and the best ways to remedy the situation.


All roofing materials degrade over time but when the original decramastic tile roofs get older, the result can be far more unsightly. The surface coating and texture of many less expensive types of older tiles are believed to be highly vulnerable to changing temperatures. If your roof dates back to the 1970s and 1980s it’s recommended that you get a professional like Cooper Roofing to assess the old tiles before undergoing roof repairs or replacements.

Weather Damage

Driving rain, strong winds and direct exposure to New Zealand’s harsh UV rays combine over time to degrade old decramastic tile roofs, resulting in surface coating damage, dented tiles, loosened nails, chipped paint and cracks. While such damage is often repairable, basic patching techniques aren’t usually viable or recommended especially with older tiles.

Cracks and Dents

While walking on a roof is often justified during cleaning or repairs, decramastic tiles are easily cracked and damaged when subjected to such pressure. Unlike a dent in a vehicle, you can’t just pop a roof dent up to solve the problem. Older tiles are especially fragile due to having lost their original malleability. Attempting to pop up a dent may cause the tile to split, furthering the need for repairs or replacements. Modern decramastic tiles are far more heavy-duty and durable, so the chance of splitting in the future is no longer the issue it is with older tiles.

Organic Growth

Algae, lichen, moss, mildew and moulds easily grow on older decramastic tiles – resulting in the secretion of harmful acids that weaken the metal tile elements, causing leaks and a very unsightly, green-coloured growth on roofs. As the metal is eroded, rust can form on the surface which will be hard to detect because of various organic growths. Additionally, certain crawling and flying insects – which also cause damage – find such juicy growth delicious. These pests will be encouraged to make your roof their home causing further damage.

Replacing your Decramastic Roof

Your roof is obviously one of the structural elements of your home facing the most damage. It’s that part of a building that instantly and regularly comes in contact with weather components. The combination of extreme weather and temperature changes, dirt and other wind-borne elements leave an impact on roofing materials. Choosing between re-surfacing and a complete re-roofing job depends on the level of damage and deterioration to your roof.

Fortunately, the modern age of stone-coated Zincalume metal roofing is upon us, and an increasing number of homeowners opt to install and upgrade tiled or other roofing materials with new Gerard Roofs pressed metal roof tiles. Over time, metal roofs add lasting value to homes where other roofs may diminish in value. Here are a few examples of the advantages of Gerard Roofs tile roofing.

Life Expectancy

Unlike other roofing materials, the new generation of Gerard Roofs roofing tiles incorporate technologically-advances such as Zincalume protected steel, which gives tiles a longer service life than the old galvanised roofing tiles. The new generation metal tiles from from Gerard Rofos come with a 50 year pro-rata weather-proof warranty.

Variety of Styles

Coated metal roofs not only last longer, their very appearance has changed compared to old decramastic roofs. They are available in a variety of styles, in 32 colours and finishes, ensuring that you purchase a product that compliments your home perfectly.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is always a concern, so it always pays to research before going ahead with an order.The availability energy-efficient materials also ensures far less maintenance and overall weight on your home. Preserving the structural integrity of your home is always a foremost concern. Gerard roof tiles put less strain on the foundations and supporting beams.

Whatever you do…

Just because your roof is out of sight, it is still a vital component of your home – you cannot afford for it to be out of mind. If you’re in any doubt about your 1970s or 1980s decramastic roof please get Cooper Roofing to assess the old tiles before undergoing roof repairs or replacements. We will visit your property and give you a free assessment.