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A big challenge – well met by Cooper Roofing. Read on about installation of the Cladding at the Chrysalis Childcare Centre.

It’s unusual for Rooflink to re-visit a roofing project already featured. But the unique wall cladding on Avondales Chrysalis Chilcare Centre was created and installed by RANZ member Cooper Roofing Ltd – a fact not acknowledged in the article in the Autumn issue reproduced from SCOPE.

Contracted to builder Keola Homes, RANZ member Cooper Roofing put hours of effort into quoting the cladding of the centre to ensure all the plans specified requirements were covered. Being awarded the contract was both an exciting and alarming prospect.

Managing Director, Penny Alexander takes up the story:

“Dimond Rib 50 cladding was not a profile that we had worked with on a regular basis and the flashings required were different to most standard cladding requirements so it was a new challenge that we were keen to take on.

“The architects plans were very specific and we worked to their design for the most part. Not much had to be altered but each flashing detail on the plan was more of a guideline than something you could send to the flashing manufacturer. Each one had to be slightly different and measured to fit properly with the cladding profile and height of the building.

“The sheets were manufactured to our ordered lengths for the height of the building at each panel, with the minimal wastage achieved due mostly to planning on our part. The offcuts were not wastage, just split sheets as the cover of the sheets didnt fit in whole sheets on the panels so they were split lengthwise and the cut piece wient onto the next flat panel”

Cooper Roofing’s quote was created using Exact Roofing, a custom designed roof quoting software, drawn to scale and software helped calculate the exact requirements for materials and labour. The crescent drawings took some working out with 31 radiating grid lines to get the building drawn to scale accurately – plus the childcare centre slopes and is not flat.

Kevin Peri, the company’s skilled and experienced supervisor coordinated the project and multiple roofers worked on the installation, with Wayne Holland and Richard Alexander working closely with Kevin.

Adds Penny: “Being such a unique structure, the details were not standard and required close attention to ensure we were both following the architect’s direction and creating something which could physically be installed to the building.

“The architect’s vision of the joins to each flat panel crating the curved external walls was something we had not encountered before. This kept each junction between panels contained, tidy and allowed for expansion and contraction of the panels without buckling of the flashing material. Thermal expansion had to be catered for because the cladding was black.

“The building slopes from the high points of the crescent to the centre of the curve at the lowest point closest to the ground, so each panel – both on the internal and external curve had to be ordered to individual lengths for teh height of the buiding at that point The design width of the panels did not exactly fit the width of the cover of Dimond Rib 50, so the sheets needed to be trimmed down to fit the panels as required.

“Every flashing to each joint between panels had to be measured and orderd to the correct height and to meet the profile of the cladding at the point that it met the joint. The specified profile and the unique flashing designs – along with our skilled installers – have given an excellent effect to the finished building.”